NOVEMBER 17, 2020


Crisis and cyber pandemic, anticipating «viral superinfection» to guarantee digital sovereignty 

Program Tuesday, November 17th 2020


09:00 : Opening

Valéria FAURE-MUNTIAN, Députée de la troisième circonscription de la Loire


09:10 : Opening


Telecoms infrastructure security

09:20 : Resilience of communication infrastructures

Jean-Luc MOLINER, Orange Cyberdéfense

09h35 :Thales

09:50 : 5G network security challenges

Thierry BOISNON, Nokia France

10:05 : Behavioral fingerprinting of micro-services, monitoring as a service (i.e. MAAS) approach applied to 5G networks 

Pernelle MENSAH and François BOUTIGNY, Nokia Bell Labs

10:20 : Resilience to attacks against critical infrastructures by preventive analysis of malicious failures and their impacts

Marc-Oliver PAHL, Chaire CNI

10:30 : Coffee break

Round table - Data and governance security

11:00 : Has Europe today lost, in part, the mastery of "core" technologies in the Cyber ​​domain? What means must be used to better control its security and prevent risks?
The uses and adoption of the cloud are generating new cybersecurity problems. How to regain the capacity for control and governance of systems and guarantee assertive data protection?
The speakers of this round table will share on the mechanisms put in place for digital sovereignty in the field of information technologies, on the regulatory and legal aspects imposed by the generalization of digital technology in all living spaces, whether they are professional and personal, as the health crisis has shown us.
What positions should be adopted both in France and in Europe? Can cybersecurity players meet the challenges of the future?

Eric DUPUIS (animateur), Orange Cyberdéfense

Samuel DUBUS, Nokia Bell Labs ; Laurent CELERIER, Orange Cyberdéfense ; Cécile DOUTRIAUX, Chaire cyber Saint-Cyr and Karine BANNELIER-CHRISTAKIS, Cyber Institute Grenoble

11:45 : Book awards ceremony

Pierre-Arnaud BORRELLY, DG Pôle d'excellence cyber and Séverine MEUNIER - Airbus Cybersécurité


12:00 : Lunch break

Cyber security of transport systemps and people

13:30 : Crisis and digital pandemic

Bernard POULIQUEN, VP région Bretagne and IGA Nicolas FOURNIER, DGNUM

Cyber security of transport systems and people

14:00 : International dimension of the Covid impact on cybersecurity in transports and their access to personal data

Jean-Paul LABORDE, Chaire cyber Saint-Cyr


14:15 : Impact analysis relating to the management of personal data

Houda LABIOD, Chaire connected cars and cybersecurity

14:30 : Are the adverse examples a questioning of the role of AI in cybersecurity?


14:45 :  New models of cyber resilience

Paul THERON, Chaire Cyb'air

15:00 : Coffee break

Round table - Regaining digital sovereignty: what are we talking about? How can research and scientific innovation support this recovery? What are the expectations from the State?

15:30 : Digital sovereignty is presented as an ultimate aim as the pandemic has highlighted our dependence on foreign nations. If withdrawal into oneself is not desirable, it is important to maintain a certain autonomy. Strategic autonomy, dear to the military, is the ability to do by oneself and better still to impose (in the sense of the obvious) one's own technical standards. The recent debate around 5G shows us that the road to autonomy is still long. Research is upstream of any industrial process and we can congratulate ourselves on the political will today displayed to promote it.
What contributions can we expect from the world of research? What is the strike force of cyber research in France? In what areas should we focus our efforts? What results can we expect?

CA(2S) Pascal VEREL (animateur), COMCYBER 

Nicolas  ARPAGIAN, Orange Cyberdéfense ; Ludovic ME, INRIA ; Salah SADOU, ENSIBS ; Jean PEETERS, Chaire cyber IHEDN and David FRABOULET, MESRI

Round table - The essential bond of trust industrial / administration - startups - research labs

16:15 : From idea to use. From innovation to the market.
How does innovation come about? What support programs are available? What are the benefits for entrepreneurs? Why does industry source and invest in external innovation? Why even the administration is launching 1/3 places to incubate those who innovate?
These are all questions on which the speakers of this round table will try to shed light on them, their feedback. A moment of live exchange that will perhaps arouse vocations? 

Erwan BOULAIN (animateur), La Ruche / Thales 

Daniel GERGES, French Tech Rennes Saint-Malo ; Frédéric MONTAGARD, Thales ; Alban ONDREJECK, Anozrway ; Dominique CHAUVEAU, DGA-MI / cyberdéfense Factory and Bernard POULIQUEN, VP - enseignement supérieur, recherche, transition numérique Région Bretagne

17:30 : Wat digital sovereignty for Europe

Guillaume POUPARD, DG ANSSI and Michel VAN DEN BERGHE, DG Orange Cyberdefense

17:30 : Closing

18:00 : End of the day


Research and Innovation Day: Crisis and cyber pandemic

  • The COVID-19 imposed rapid population containment. This situation of crisis has accelerated the digital transition in many sectors of activity with the consequence of increased risks, both at the individual and collective level. To anticipate a future cyber pandemic, it seems necessary to strengthen the means of research and innovation, reposition our research axes, invest more strongly and accelerate collective intelligence.

  • What research and innovation programs to support the necessary anticipation of a future crisis and cyber pandemic?

Research and Innovation Day: Digital sovereignty

  • The theme of digital sovereignty will be covered in several aspects and presented by private and public research. Among other topics will be the work on new connectivity (telecom infrastructure), cloud security (hardware and software differentiation), data protection, industrial security and security governance.

  • This day will support reflection on the challenges of digital sovereignty. How to reindustrialize and remanufacturing technical infrastructure elements, develop and design AI-based control automation and orchestration systems.


French and European experts from research centers and universities, the world of cybersecurity industry, the Ministry of Defense, the European Commission will share their work thus allowing to complete the axes of reflection on how to protect against risks and cyber pandemics.


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