Due to the worrying observation that the digital and cyber sectors will be severely lacking in human resources in the coming years, but also that young girls and women will be less and less likely to engage in these training courses, the organizers of the European Cyber Week have decided to devote 1 day in the event to this strategic issue for France and for Europe.

The day will start with the intervention of a speaker who is a sharp observer of society. He or she will raise the issue of women's engagement in all scientific and technical fields, analyze the current context and provide possible ways for improvement.

Wishing to promote Europe and its actions in terms of gender equality, the organizers will then invite leading European speakers to give a clear picture of the situation in Europe and discuss their expectations towards Member States while focusing on medium-term prospects and ambitions.

What collective strategies should be implemented in order to obtain tangible results for the inclusion and career advancement of women in cybersecurity?


In France, there are many initiatives to promote the engagement and recruitment of women in cyber. The 3rd part of the meeting will allow us to highlight the actions of some of them in organizations as varied as Defense, a region, industry or even the academic world.

The end of the day aims to open up the horizon of possibilities for women and empower them to have confidence. This could take different forms: presentation of inspiring paths, sharing of leads and keys to reverse the trend, or even a sequence of direct discussions with the participants.

European Cyber Women, a first edition that promises to be exciting and rewarding!



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