European cyber women

L'enjeu stratégique pour la France et pour l’Europe

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The lack of talent in the digital and cyber security domain is more and more underscored by organizations, and will become a serious concern in the coming years. And more, the number of girls and women embracing computing and cyber engineering studies is decreasing. For this, the European Cyber Week organizers have decided to devote 1 day in the event to this critical issues that France and Europe will have to overcome.


To emphasize European actions regarding gender equality, our speakers will take stock of the situation in Europe, present their expectations from the EU Member States, explain what is at stakes, and zoom on mid-term perspectives and ambitions.

Which strategic collaborations must be implemented at Europe level to get tangible results in women inclusion and career progression in the field of cybersecurity?

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In France, there are many initiatives to promote the engagement and recruitment of women in cyber.


The 2021 edition will highlight how organizations as varied as Defense, Regional administration, Industry or Academia contribute in changing the statistics, with concrete actions.