AI & Cyber challenge

NOVEMBER 17, 2020

During the first edition, you have been challenged on automated penetration testing. In 2020, we offer a new challenge combining Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity that will take place during the European Cyber Week, in Rennes, France.

With lockdown, many remote workers have dreamed of having an automatic tool to simulate activity on their computer while they quietly enjoy the sunny days, far away from the everyday stress. This year, you will therefore have to show the superiority of your program in imitating human behavior on everyday office activities.

Like a Turing test, the visual experience provided by your program will be the key to seduce the jury. Will you manage to fool the jury?

For the experience to be interesting for the public and recognized by the jury, your agent must sweat caffeine and simulate a high level of activity during the show!

Whether you are an automation professional, a fan of Steve Jobs, a hacker tired of the usual challenges, a student or a veteran of the X11 protocol, your participation is more than welcome!

To do so, register as soon as possible, from June, alone or in a team. Prepare and develop your software agent as a team, improve it by using the provided data. You will then need to send one or more videos, a technical presentation (with or without code) before October 17th for the pre-qualification stage.

Only 5 teams will be selected for the final competition, which will take place on November 17th, 2020, in Rennes: each team will try to prove the effectiveness of its algorithms. The 3 best simulators, that is to say the 3 most innovative, realistic and original solutions, will be rewarded.


The AI & Cyber challenge of the European Cyber Week 2020 is now part of the “Grand Défi Cyber”,

with a total cash prize of €150,000 divided between the 5 best teams!


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