CTF challenge

enable the various pharmaceutical companies to resume production of vaccines as soon as possible

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In recent months, a race against time has started between pharmaceutical laboratories all over the world to research and produce the vaccine that will allow the world to emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic and thus avoid a global collapse.


For a few days, the world's 12 largest pharmaceutical laboratories are currently the target of an unprecedented wave of cyberattacks which severely disrupt their vaccine production chains as well as their logistics platforms.


As vaccines production is totally paralyzed, worldwide vaccination campaigns are consequently interrupted.


State actor? Activists? Conspiracies? As the attribution of these cyber-attacks is difficult to establish, the origin and motivation of the attackers remains unclear for the moment.


A crisis unit was quickly set up in the various targeted laboratories.

You are one of the best cyber defense experts mandated to complete the following mission: resume vaccine production as quickly as possible by stopping this wave of cyber-attacks.