NOVEMBER 18, 2020

Following COVID19 crisis , in order to go back to normal democratical process, states have massively adopted electronic voting to redure pandemic risks. However, while presidential elections are about to occure in serveral countries, consistent information flowing through the Dark Web suggests that groups of hackers are intending to disturb these elections. Simple hacking act or political involvement operation? Facing this risk, Europol intelligence services issued early warning notifications to principal state authorities.

Goal : Setting up cyber task forces to strengthen the security of the electronic voting infrastructure of the 12 targeted states and ensuring the good execution of their presidential elections.

Your  mission & who can participate?

Your mission: take this challenge up by subscribing to the online selection phase and qualify for the ECW 2020 challenge finale.


Who can participate?

Higher education students, from France and 5 other European countries: Belgium, Estonia , Finland, Germany & Spain.


NB: inscriptions shall be made only with the “school/university email address”, student card will be requested.

How to join?

Qualification phase: online, starting from October 10th  2020

1. Enlist on  from September 21st 2020 and confirm the account creation from the received confirmation email

2. 48 finalists, being 12 teams of 4 in finale, with a maximum of 2 teams per school/university

3. If you encounter difficulties:


• Or call one of these phone numbers: +33 (0)6 70 07 36 81 / +33 (0)6 40 16 87 90 / +33 (0)6 75 63 80 52

4. NB: Any fraudulent attempt will lead to disqualification of the candidate

Finale phase in live at « Couvent des Jacobins » in Rennes on November 18th  from 9:00 AM to 6:00pm

• You will start your mission directly connected from within the supervision operations center of the voting installations you will be in charge of.

• You will have to:

- Map the port installations network in order to identify running services and vulnerabilities.

- Regain control of the compromised information systems and report about it.

- Strengthen the security of connected installations.

- Investigate about the attackers responsible of the cyber attacks.

Further information and missions will be unveiled accordingly to your progression


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